Taiji Quan

My understanding of Taiji quan

Some belive that learnig Taiji Quan is to learn a specific form, like the short 24, also called “Beijing-form. And that´s it.
They are wrong.

Learning Taiji Quan is to study the Yin and Yang in interaction. It is to study the 10 principles. It is to “melt the iron and convert it into steel”.

It is to put in work and practise.
It is to pounder the questions about one self.
It is to pounder the anwers about one self.
It is to study and pounder Tao.
When all this comes together, the form is clear and obvius.

Note though, there is a difference in learning Taiji and learning Taiji Quan.
The differense layes on wether one studys for health (Taiji) or as an internal martial art (Taiji Quan). The movements are the same but the “how” differs greately.

What I am reefering to in the text is the study of Taiji Quan as an Internal Martial Art.

Internal Martial Art is in the meaning that the focus layes on the strength coming from the inside and there is a great emphazy on the overall health-issue  according truly to the Tao.

This is Taiji Quan in my understanding.

See you arround

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  1. Petra Stahly says:

    Very well put! Thanks! :)

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